The following is a step by step guide for installing vSphere Update Manager (VUM) 6.0.

  1. On the VMware vCenter Installer dialog box select Server under the vSphere Update Manager section and click Install. Additionally, this is a lab environment so Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express will be utilized.01
  2. On the VMware vCenter Installer dialog box click No.02
  3. On the VMware vSphere Update Manager – InstallShield … dialog box select a language and click OK.03
  4. On the VMware vSphere Update Manager dialog box click OK.04
  5. On the Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for VMware vSphere Update Manager dialog box click Next >.05
  6. On the License Agreement dialog box select the check box for the option that states I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next >.06
  7. On the Support Information dialog box accept the default settings and click Next >.07
  8. On the vCenter Server Information dialog box enter the information for an instance of vCenter Server and click Next >.08
  9. On the VMware vSphere Update Manager Port Settings dialog box select the hostname or Internet Protocol (IP) address from the drop down box and click Next >.09
  10. On the Destination Folder dialog box change the drive letters to E: and click Next >.10
  11. On the Ready to Install the Program dialog box click Install.11
  12. On the InstallShield Wizard Completed dialog box click Finish.12