You may use the following method to create a web statistics report (i.e. users by request) for the previous calendar week (i.e. last week) of all Microsoft Active Directory (AD) users in your domain. After logging into the Barracuda Networks Web Filter 310 perform the following:

1. Navigate to BASIC > Reports

2. Under Filtering Options > Time Frame: select Last Week

3. Under Filtering Options > Limit Report to: select LDAP Group

4. To the left of the Lookup icon type the name of the group and then click the Lookup icon (NOTE: This assumes there is an Active Directory group which contains all domain users)

5. Under the Groups: dialog box that opens click the Add button next to the Active Directory group

6. Under Advanced Options > Formatting > Output Format: select PDF

7. Under Web Activity check the box for Users by Request

8. Under Schedule Report > Report Group Name: specify a name for the report

9.  Under Schedule Report > Emails specify the email address that will receive the report

10. The Schedule Report > Frequency: option will allow you to send the report Once, Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly

11. Click Apply under the Schedule Report section

12. The webpage will refresh and you will see a green banner at the top that says Report Sent.