Month: June 2012

Linux CentOS – -bash: updatedb: command not found

I recently installed Linux CentOS using the minimal install ISO. I attempted to use the updatedb command but I received the following error: #updatedb -bash: updatedb: command not found The solution for this was to install mlocate. # yum install mlocate -y Installed: mlocate.i686 0:0.22.2-3.el6 Complete! Enjoy!

Linux CentOS – Configuring DNS Servers

You may use the following method to configure the Domain Name System (DNS) servers that Linux CentOS ( will use. In this particular example the server will be configured to use the well known Google public DNS servers that utilize the following Internet Protocol (IP) addresses: 8.8.8. & Begin by logging into the server…

Group Policy Object – Folder Redirection

You may use the following Group Policy Object (GPO) settings to configure folder redirection in a Windows Server 2008 R2 environment. Folder redirection gives a systems administration the ability to redirect the path of a folder to a location that he or she specifies. In this example the desktop folder will be redirected to a distributed…