The following is a step by step guide for remediating (i.e. patching) a VMware ESXi 6.0 host.

  1. On the home page of the VMware vSphere Client select Hosts and Clusters.01
  2. Select a VMware ESXi 6.0 host from the inventory tree on the left.02
  3. Select the Update Manager tab on the VMware vSphere Client.03
  4. Click Remidiate… in the lower right portion of the Update Manager tab.
  5. On the Remediation Selection dialog box select the baselines or baseline groups to apply and click Next >.05
  6. On the Patches and Extensions dialog box deselect any patches you would like to exclude then click Next >.05
  7. On the Schedule dialog box enter a Task Name:, Task Description: and Remediation Time: then click Next >.07
  8. On the Host Remediation Options dialog box accept the default settings and click Next >.08
  9. On the Ready to Complete dialog box review the configuration settings and click Finish.09
  10. Review theĀ Recent Tasks pane to verify the host was remediated.10
  11. Verify the host is compliant on the Update Manager tab.11