The following is a step by step guide for creating VMware vSphere Update Manager 6.0 dynamic baseline. A dynamic baseline is updated dynamically and may be used to verify that your vSphere infrastructure is up to date or out or date, regarding patches.

  1. On the vSphere Client home page under Solutions and Applications click Update Manager.01
  2. On the Update Manager Administration page click the Baseline and Groups tab and View Baselines for: Hosts.02
  3. On the Baselines section click Create….
  4. On the Baseline Name and Type dialog box enter a name for the baseline and select the check box for Host Patch, then click Next >.04
  5. On the Patch Options dialog box select Dynamic and click Next >.05
  6. On the Criteria dialog box select the criteria and click Next >.06
  7. On the Patches to Exclude dialog box select any patches to exclude and click Next >.07
  8. On the Additional Patches dialog box select any patches that did not meet the criteria of step (6) but you would like to include and click Next >.08
  9. On the Ready to Complete dialog box click Finish.09
  10. On the Baselines and Groups tab verify the baseline has been created.10