The following is a step by step guide for configure the ESXi Management Network for a VMware ESXi 6.0 host.

  1. On the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI) press F2.10
  2. In the Authentication Required dialog box enter the root user password and press Enter01
  3. Select Configure Management Network and press Enter02
  4. Select Network Adapters and press Enter03
  5. On the Network Adapters dialog box select vmnic0 and vmnic1 for a fault tolerant management network. 04
  6. Select IPv4 Configuration and press Enter05
  7.  Select Set static IPv4 address and network configuration: and enter the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway of the host and press Enter06
  8. On the Configure Management Network page press Esc07
  9. On the Configure Management Network: Confirm dialog box press Y08
  10. Select Test Management Network and press Enter12
  11. On the Test Management Network dialog box enter the appropriate IP addresses and local hostname. Then, press Enter10
  12. On the Test Management Network dialog box verify that all tests have passed (i.e. OK.). 11
  13. On the System Customization page press Esc to Log Out09
  14. Verify the DCUI is displaying the correct IP address. 13