You may use the Microsoft Windows PowerShell script below to query a remote Microsoft Windows 7 computer, obtain a list of all installed applications, and write the content to a file and directory of your choice.

This script will query a remote computer’s list of installed applications and provide the output in a text (.txt) file.
This script will automate the process of querying the list of installed applications on a remote computer.
gwmi win32_product -ComputerName “PC01” | out-file -filepath “C:\Users\User01\Desktop\Applications.txt”.
Written by Noel Enrique Alvarez on Thursday, August 04, 2016.

#Request the hostname of the computer
$hostname = Read-Host “What is the hostname of the computer?”

#Request the path and name of the output file
$file = Read-Host “Where would you like to store the file?”

#Query the remote computer, installed applications, and provide the output in a text file
gwmi win32_product -ComputerName $hostname | out-file -filepath $file