Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 may be installed using the graphical user interface (GUI) or Windows PowerShell. Below you will find a step-by-step tutorial outlining the GUI installation of Microsoft Exchange Server 2016.

  1. Right click the setup.exe file and select Run as administrator.
  2. On the Check for Updates? dialog box select Connect to the Internet and check for updates then click next.
  3. On the Downloading Updates… dialog box click next.
  4. On the Introduction dialog box click next.
  5. On the License Agreement dialog box select I accept the terms in the license agreement then click next.
  6. On the Recommended Settings dialog box select Use recommended settings then click next.
  7. On the Sever Role Selection dialog box select Mailbox role then click next.
  8. On the Installation Space and Location dialog box specify the installation path of your choice.
  9. On the Exchange Organization dialog box specify the name of the Exchange Organization then click next.
  10. On the Malware Protection Settings dialog box, under the Disable malware scanning. option select No then click next.
  11. On the Readiness Checks dialog box click install.
  12. On the Setup Completed dialog box click finish.
  13. Reboot the server.