The Microsoft Windows PowerShell script below will verify the status, enabled or disabled, of Microsoft Active Directory user accounts.

This scrip will query a list of SAMAccountNames from a notepad (.txt) file and provide the Name and Enabled status.
This script will automate the process of querying a list of SAMAccountNames and provide the Name and Enabled status.
Written by Noel Enrique Alvarez on Thursday, March 24, 2016.

#Import the Microsoft Active Directory module
Import-Module ActiveDirectory

#Provide the path to the Notepad (.txt) file that contains the list of SAMAccountNames
$– USERS = Get-Content “<<<INSERT PATH>>>\Users.txt”

#Query the list of users and provide the output in the specified comma seperate value (.csv) file
$– USERS | ForEach {Get-ADUser $_ -Properties * | Select SAMAccountName, Name, Enabled} | Export-CSV -Path “<<<INSERT PATH>>>\Users.csv”