Month: <span>April 2012</span>

Cisco – Router and Switch Modes

You may use the following commands to change the information stored in the dynamic RAM (running-config) or NVRAM (startup-config) on a Cisco router or switch. To make changes to the configuration running in dynamic RAM (running-config file) you may use the following commands. In particular, the “configure terminal” command (or “config t” for short) is…

Cisco – Configuring a Router or Switch Hostname

You may use the following commands to configure the hostname on a Cisco router or switch. Changing the hostname will not affect the performance of the router or switch but it will help you identify the particular device you are connected to. Also, this is a non-ISR 1700 series router run on the Graphical Network…

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 – Ping Responses

By default, Windows Server 2008 is configured to block all incoming Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo requests. You can enable the echo requests by making a configuration change to the Windows firewall using the following two methods. 1. Open the command prompt and type the following command “netsh firewall set icmpsetting 8”. 2. Open…


To learn more about Linux Community Enterprise Operating System (CentOS) then visit the official Linux CentOS website at

Networking – Open System Interconnection (OSI) Model

The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model is one of the fundamental building blocks for building your networking knowledge upon. This conceptual model is based upon the following seven layers. 7. Application 6. Presentation 5. Session 4. Transport 3. Network 2. Data Link 1. Physical