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Microsoft Group Policy Object – “TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper” Service

Yesterday, I continued with the application of Group Policy Objects (GPO) for our workstation (desktop and laptop) users. When running gpupdate /force for a particular user, whose desktop is running Windows XP, I noticed that the GPO wasn’t being applied.

Part of my troubleshooting was to determine if the user’s desktop could access the \\\SYSVOL directory. On this particular machine it could be accessed using \\domain\SYSVOL but not with \\\SYSVOL. In other words, appending the top level domain (TLD) revealed a name resolution failure.

The solution was to start the DNS Client, Netlogon and TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper services and configure their startup type to automatic (I will need to troubleshoot the determine the root cause of the services not running).


Microsoft Group Policy Object – Event ID 1030, 1097 and 1110

At my current employer I have been creating Group Policy Objects (GPO) in an effort to centrally administer the workstation environment, provide automation and provide consistency in workstation deployment and management.

After running gpupdate and gpresult on a Microsoft Windows XP desktop I realized that the GPOs were not being applied. After looking through the Event Viewer logs I found GPO event IDs 1030, 1097 and 1110.

It turned out that the Netlogon service was disabled. The solution was to configure the Startup type: to Automatic.


Microsoft Group Policy Object – Group Policy Preference Client Side Extensions for Windows XP (KB943729)

I am currently in the process of automating the desktop deployment for my current employer. As a solution I am using Microsoft Group Policy Object (GPO) to map the network drives for the users. To date, most of my experience has been testing GPOs with Microsoft Windows 7 but today I was testing a GPO on a Windows XP desktop.

After modifying the GPO and placing the desktop in an Organizational Unit (OU) where the GPO was applied I expected the mapped drives to work, but they didn’t. After running gpresult I was able to verify that the GPO was in fact being applied, etc. I then logged on to a Microsoft Windows 7 desktop, that was in the same OU, and the drives were mapped.

The solution to this was simple. I needed to download and install the Group Policy Preference Client Side Extensions for Windows XP (KB943729) on the Windows XP desktop.

Hopefully you will find this information helpful.