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Microsoft Windows Powershell – Hyper-V Cmdlets

In order to view all of the Microsoft Hyper-V Cmdlets use the command get-command -module hyper-v. You may explore these commands and create scripts to automate your Hyper-V administration. Automation can save your Information Technology (IT) department both time and money.

Microsoft Hyper-V – Create a Virtual Switch using a PowerShell Script

Microsoft Hyper-V allows you to create (3) types of virtual switches (External, Internal and Private). These virtual switches may be created manually using the Hyper-V Manager or you may use a PowerShell (.ps1) script to automate the process. Below you will find a script to create an External virtual switch. 1. Issue the Get-NetAdapter command…

Microsoft Hyper-V – Install Hyper-V and the Management Tools using PowerShell

Microsoft allows you to install the Hyper-V role using PowerShell (run as an administrator) as well as the graphical user interface (GUI). One of the advantages of using PowerShell is that you can create a script to deploy a large number of Hyper-V hosts. During my initial testing I was able to install the Hyper-V…