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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 – Sample Kickstart File

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 provides a kickstart file that you may use to automate the installation of RHEL. Below is a sample kickstart file (ks.cfg) that you may modify for the automated installation of RHEL.   #version=DEVEL # System authorization information auth –enableshadow –passalgo=sha512 # Use CDROM installation media cdrom # Use graphical…

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 – BIND Installation and Configuration

Domain Name System (DNS) is an integral component of any Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. This is a step by step guide for configuring a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 public facing DNS server using the BIND software package. Additionally, I would like to add that, for the purposes of this demonstration the zone file created…

BIND – Create a Bind Zone File

You may use the following website to automatically create a BIND zone file. Enjoy!

Linux – Configure a BIND Zone File

Domain Name System (DNS) is an essential part of any network. Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) may be installed and configured on Linux CentOS and provide DNS name resolution. The configuration of BIND includes zone files. Below you will find a sample zone file for the domain name You may use this sample as…

Linux CentOS – -bash: updatedb: command not found

I recently installed Linux CentOS using the minimal install ISO. I attempted to use the updatedb command but I received the following error: #updatedb -bash: updatedb: command not found The solution for this was to install mlocate. # yum install mlocate -y Installed: mlocate.i686 0:0.22.2-3.el6 Complete! Enjoy!

Linux CentOS – Configuring DNS Servers

You may use the following method to configure the Domain Name System (DNS) servers that Linux CentOS ( will use. In this particular example the server will be configured to use the well known Google public DNS servers that utilize the following Internet Protocol (IP) addresses: 8.8.8. & Begin by logging into the server…

Linux CentOS – Routing Table Configuration

You may use the following method to add a static route to the routing table of a Linux server using the command line. The server in this example is running CentOS 5.5 64 bit. I have decided to create a static route to but before doing so I need to find the Internet Protocol…


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