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Dell – Get Service Tag Remotely

You may use the Microsoft Windows PowerShell script below to get the service tag of a Dell server, remotely. <# .SYNOPSIS This script will automate the process of determining the service tag of a Dell server. .DESCRIPTION This script will query the server you specificy for it’s service tag. .EXAMPLE wmic /user:administrator /node:hostname bios get…

Dell Compellent – Verify Front and Back End Ports

You may use the Dell Enterprise Manager Data Collector Manager to configure the SMTP settings of a Dell Compellent Storage Area Network (SAN) and provide you with alerts. In addition to this you may manually verify that the front and back end ports of the storage array are Up. To do so navigate to Dell Storage > Storage…

Scripting – Dell iDRAC 8 User

You may use the script below to delete a user account from an Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 8 (iDRAC8). I would like to acknowledge that I did not write this script and the original link may be found here. <# .SYNOPSIS Removes a DRAC user. .DESCRIPTION Removes a DRAC user. Requires Dell’s RACADM.EXE utility,…

Dell OpenManage Essentials 2.1 – Configure Email Server Settings

Dell OpenManage Essentials 2.1 may be configured to provide email alerts for hardware failures and loss of network connectivity to the servers is manages. The email settings may be found below.  

Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 8 – Command Line Reset

You may use the following (2) commands from a Microsoft Windows Server command prompt or Microsoft Windows PowerShell to remotely  reset an Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 8 (iDRAC8). racadm racreset soft racadm racreset hard –f  

Dell – Get Service Tag

You may use the command below, from Microsoft Windows Powershell or command prompt, to retrieve the service tag of a Dell device. wmic bios get serialnumber